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We give children what they deserve
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Give the child a smile
We are collecting funds for the trip
in the Carpathians for children of war victims


  • Tested by time
    For more than seven years, our foundation has been successfully organizing trips for children who need help and support
  • Transparent
    Everyone can get acquainted with the complete package of documents that confirms the foundation's charitable activities.
  • Ready for work
    We are responsible for all stages of the trip, from transfer and preparation of documents to food, accommodation and organization of leisure
Ukraine has been living in a state of war for more than 8 years. Thousands of Ukrainian children experienced firsthand what war is like. All of them need psychological rehabilitation. That is why our foundation has been organizing charity trips for such children for more than 7 years. The fund has 15 large-scale trips on its account, which gave Ukrainian children the opportunity to get moral and psychological relaxation, which is so necessary in our time. Each trip includes a variety of intellectual games, excursions, entertainment activities that contribute to the social and intellectual development of children.
Your trust is very important to us!
You can view all documents of the IBF "Life against all odds" or go to our official Facebook group.
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"Life agailnst all odds"
in numbers:
The fund has been actively engaged for years
charitable activities
Children visited different parts of the world with our help
The trip was successfully organized
we have more than 1000 children on our list Meet some of them:
Hanycheva Julia
12 years old
A child whose father died in the war, defending the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. She was born and lives in the city of Kryvyi Rih. 4th grade student. Practices karate. He also likes to draw animals. I would like to travel with the fund.
Victoria Kulkova
13 years old
Has the status of an orphan. Mom died in 2017 from brain cancer. The guardian has the status of a participant in hostilities. Neat, calm child. Likes rollerblading and cycling. I would like to travel with the fund.
Balatsky Maxim.
14 years old
He was born in the city of Horlivtsi. At the moment, Horlivka is occupied and under the control of militants. In 2014, he and his family had to move to Kharkiv. Plays handball, loves mathematics, participates in Olympiads.
Bugaytsov Nazar
12 years old
He studies in the 4th grade. Lives in Kyiv, in a large family. (5 children) Father tragically died in 2017 in the rank of major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nazar also wants to become a soldier and defend his homeland. Likes to travel.
Kusly Anton
14 years old
A child whose father died in the war, defending the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. He studies in the 7th grade. Favorite subject at school is history. Passionate about free wrestling. Likes fishing and traveling.
Timofey Katrich.
13 years old
A child whose father died in the war, defending the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. He studies in the 5th grade. Cheerful, cheerful boy. Loves communication. I wish
travel with the fund.
Idel Snizhana
14 years old
A child whose father died in the war, defending the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Cheerful, cheerful, active, likes to sing. Goes in for sports.
Sofia Sydorenko
14 years old
Sofia's father is an active serviceman in the armed forces of Ukraine. He studies in the 8th grade. Engaged in dancing. Has many friends. A kind and sensitive girl. Likes to travel.
Toryna Oleksandra.
15 years old
She was born in the city of Horlivka, Donetsk region. In 2014, the family was forced to move to a peaceful area in the city of Zaporizhzhia due to the war. Oleksandra is a very sociable child. Likes to go to children's camps and communicate with peers. Loves to travel very much.
Sofia Nemyrovska
15 years old
She was born in Kirovohrad on November 8, 2006. She studies in the 8th grade.In addition to studying English since school, since the age of 6 he has been involved in a modeling and dancing group. The child is sociable, independent, non-conflict. The father is a war invalid.
Лихогруд Валерія
16 years old
Valery Lyhogrud. 14 years old. A child whose father died in the war, defending the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Valery has a second degree in chess. Engaged in music school. 3 3-year-olds go to dances. He is a member of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine. He studies perfectly. Likes to play the piano and travel.
Kotenko Milarada
10 years old
Milarada Kotenko. 7 years old She was born in the city of Alchevsk, Luhansk region. Due to the occupation of the city, in 2014 she and her parents were forced to move to Kyiv. He studies in the 1st grade. He is fond of drawing, sculpting and cooking. He dreams of flying on a plane.
Valery Savonyuk
15 years old
Valery Savonyuk. 13 years. A child whose father died in the war, defending the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Good, responsible. Loves to travel very much.
Serhiy Shatapauk
14 years old
Serhiy Shtapauk is 11 years old. He was born in the city of Luhansk, where he lived until 2014. After the start of hostilities, he and his family were forced to move to peaceful territory. The older brother went to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine. Serhiy is currently studying in Kyiv in the 5th grade. He is fond of sports: dancing and karate. Likes to travel.

We never stop
We want as many children as possible to see how beautiful the world can be

But we dream that warm memories of travel will displace the horrors of war from children's hearts


You can be a part of something very important
Today, the number of children affected by the war is growing rapidly. 1 we cannot stay away from this situation. Our foundation initiates the collection of funds for the organization of rehabilitation rest for children from Ukraine who suffered the most from the war. Already this summer, we plan to organize charity trips for 500 such children. And the success of this great business depends on you.

Each of your coins is a happy moment
Donate for a smile)
The project in which we send children for 10 days on a fantastic journey with games, contests and many other things requires quite a budget 1 child - $250 Our goal is to collect $125,000 Every donation is important for children and for us because children are our future
It is you who can give children a smile, which they need so much now! Only with joint efforts will we reach the common goal.
We are trusted and recommended by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine

Georgii Grebnov
Chairman of the board of the fund
The "Life against all odds" Charitable Foundation is interested in cooperation with organizations and private individuals who are ready to help organize recreation for children by any convenient means
You can provide accommodation for a group of children from Ukraine on your own territory
You have the opportunity to provide food for a group of children during the trip
You can organize and conduct health and entertainment events for
arriving children
Ready to offer a transfer from
airport to the place of residence (if
if the group is transported by air
by transport).
We embody before and after together
Georgii Grebnov
The law of the boomerang says: "The good sent by a person comes back to him threefold."
Evil that comes from a person will return to him in
tenfold.Charity for me is an opportunity to give good to people, which will certainly return! Every child's smile can energize for many years."
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