Georgia 17.03.2016
Last March, the charitable organization "Life Above All" organized a trip for students and a teacher. With the aim of acquaintance with the culture of a friendly country, in the city of music and light, ancient Tbilisi. Travelers had the opportunity to feel the hospitality of the Georgian people and enjoy the picturesque nature of Georgia. Numerous excursions helped to feel the whole color of the Georgian terrain. We visited the world-famous city of Borjomi, and tried the legendary mineral water directly from the source. We also had the opportunity to be in a small area called Alazani Valley, famous for its vineyards and wine cellars. The city of Sighnaghi, also called the "city of love", gave us an unforgettable feeling of love. And in the end we visited the first capital of Georgia, the ancient Mtskheta.

"International Charitable Foundation""Life Above All" expresses its sincere gratitude to the management of the hotel "ROSE" (Tbilisi) for the possibility of accommodation, the airline "UIA" for providing preferential tickets and the company "MTS Ukraine".
"International Charitable Foundation""Life above all" will continue to try to organize unforgettable trips, because they give a lot of joy to the children.

Travel notes
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