Organization of life in the conditions of war
It has been several days since the beginning of Russian war against Ukraine.Military forces, territorial guard beat the enemy on all destinations deliberately; they keep the defense of the capital, our glorious city of Kyiv. We keep the defense either and do our best to help those, who needs it most – our grannies, unavailable neighbors. In time of appropriate silence, we do the best and even more. We try to do all to provide our people, especially the diverse groups, with everything that is possible to survive during the war. More than 250 households already have the necessities. We coordinate our work 24/7, search for new opportunities. However, our resources are exhaustive. We need the external help from all those who care about Ukraine, true democracy, strength and love for the Motherland. Now we demonstrate to the whole world what it is to defend what you love and sacrifice. Thus, we apply to all: see, help, save the innocent lives. Ukraine is defending not only itself but also world's security. We are here, we are defending and God bless Ukraine!
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