Housing for the families of Ukrainian servicemen

Project to help families of Ukrainian servicemen get housing
Ukraine is a country in which there is a war for the eighth year in a row! Our servicemen are facing one of the strongest armies in the world - the army of the Russian Federation. Every day Ukrainian heroes die at the front, defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country. Our foundation is initiating a project involving the families of fallen and active servicemen in need of housing.
Project №1
Construction of full-fledged housing from eco-materials for two families with a total area of 200 square meters.
The Kupchyshyn family
A large family of a deceased serviceman in need of housing
More about the family
The Vasko family
A large family of servicemen in need of housing
More about the family
Charitable organization International Charitable Foundation
Ukraine, Kyiv, 04210, 25 Geroiv Stalingrada Street, office 63
Phone. +380504387000, +380968667000
E-mail. kievfoundation@gmail.com

Photo courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg and Peter McConnochie / flickr.com
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