Building a house for military families involves all the necessary stages. Starting with design by professional architects and ending with official commissioning.
Stages of project implementation
Architectural solution
Cooperation with an architectural agency for the design of an eco-home. Implemented (contract signed).
Search for a site for construction
An appeal to the competent state authorities for the provision of a land plot for the construction of an eco-building. Implemented (available plot with a total area of 12 acres with all the necessary documents in the Kiev region).
Cooperation with a construction company
Search for a construction company, in order to conclude a contract for the construction of an eco-house, according to the project documentation. In progress.
Carrying out work on the construction of a house according to the documentation on the specified site.
Eco-house project gallery by Urban sustain architects
Eco-house video presentation
The eco-house will be built of ecological materials in compliance with a high level of energy saving.
Eco house for military families
We provide housing for the families who need it the most
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