The Kupchyshyn family

A large family of a deceased serviceman in need of housing.

Husband - Kobrinchuk Igor Petrovich, was born in 1971.
Participant in hostilities in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
He died in 2018 during military service.

Wife - Kupchyshyna Lyudmila Svyatoslavovna, was born in 1979.
Works as a cashier in a store for the minimum wage.

Son Svyatoslav was born in 2001
Daughter Daria was born in 2005
Daughter Polina was born in 2017

At present, the large family of the deceased serviceman lives in a small two-room apartment in a small town. Living conditions are very difficult. Left without a breadwinner, the wife, receiving the minimum wage, barely makes ends meet.

Charitable organization "INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND "Life Against All Odds" appeals to all concerned to help the Kupchyshyn family in raising funds to build their own homes.
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