The Vasko family

A large family of servicemen in need of housing.

Husband - Vasko Oleksiy Anatoliyovych, was born in 1976.
Acting serviceman of the assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Beginning of service in 1997 As part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he participated in a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iraq. Participant in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Wife - Vasko Lyudmila Nikolaevna, was born in 1981.
Participant in hostilities in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Children: Ilya son was born in 2001
Daughter Anna was born in 2009
Son Mykola was born in 2012

Currently, a large family lives in a small two-room apartment owned by the state Given the achievements of the state and the people of Ukraine, this family deserves to receive their own comfortable housing Charitable organization "INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND" Life Against All Odds" appeals to all concerned to help the Vasko family in raising funds to build their own homes.

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