We are looking for partners
The charity fund, Life Above all, is looking for partners who can provide financial or material assistance to children who suffered during the war
Charitable Foundation
"The International Charitable Foundation has been engaged in the organization of rehabilitative recreation for children who suffered from the war for 7 years. We take care of different categories of children: Internally displaced (children who, together with their families, were forced to move from their homes to a new place of residence). children of military personnel, children in whom one of the parents died in the performance of official duties, etc.

Each of our trips includes essential components. That's why we are addressing you
If you are the owner of the hotel: We ask you to provide the opportunity to stay in your hotel, at any time convenient for you, for a period of 7 to 10 days

If you are the owner of a transport company: please provide a transfer (bus, plane) according to a route that we can discuss with you in advance.

If you are the owner of an insurance company: Please offer children's insurance for the duration of the vacation trip

If you are a private person who can bear the costs of organizing a rehabilitation trip for one or more children: Please contact us and offer your help. You will personally know about the child and its fate, which you decided to help.

If you represent a business structure that can allocate a budget for the organization of a charity trip, please send an official proposal to our e-mail.

If you are an administrator of entertainment facilities (cinema, swimming pool, water park, zoo, amusement park, museum, etc.), please offer a free visit to your facility.

If you can suggest something that is not on this list, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Today, charity plays a significant role in modern society, and the help of each of you can become a decisive component in achieving such an important result.Personal thanks From a child who was able to fulfill his dream, this is the highest award for each of you.
Our children have visited many places in the world and, unfortunately, the number of children affected by the war is growing rapidly, so they all also need help, which YOU can provide them yourself
For material or financial assistance, go to the payment page or fill out the form using the button at the beginning of the site
E-mail kievfoundation@gmail.com
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