Good mood to all!
My name is Oleksiy, I am an ordinary Ukrainian.
I am a very happy father and husband of many children! I have a Beloved wife Ludmila and the best children in the world! I'm sorry, I don't want to offend anyone, but for every father and mother their children will be the best, and for me and my wife, our children themselves, the best and most beloved.
Who am I? Yes, an interesting question, but really who am I?
Well, perhaps the most important thing is that I am the son of my parents and husband, and this is the answer! My parents gave me life and taught me to be a worthy son, to love my country, my freedom, to be responsible for my actions and to be an example for my children! Yes, that's what they taught me! Unfortunately, they are no longer around, but I'm sure they are not ashamed of me.
I joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 1997, the army is a great school for real men! As a conscript, I took part in a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 240th Separate Special Battalion. Then I was released to reserve, returned home, enlisted in the military and decided to rest a bit. I fell in love, got married and again the Army, only I am already a contract soldier. My eldest son Ilya was born in 2001 and is now 20 years old. He is a fourth-year aviation designer and is studying at the military department to be an officer and change his father when the time comes.
In 2003, I took part in the first rotation to Iraq. Iraq is a beautiful country with its own special inner peace. This is the second climate, the second philosophy and religion, other people, but also people and as we are kind, cordial and vice versa. And again the war, and again its consequences! Again the death of children, old and young, the ruins and death of your Brothers! So the war does not ask anyone, they only take away and for some reason the young and the best!
I returned home, for me then the most important thing was that I was alive, so I wanted to hug my wife and son! We lived in an apartment that was being rented. Apparently four or five times we moved from one apartment to another. Today, we live in a small apartment owned by the state, as long as I am a soldier. But I want to have MY HOME so that I don't depend on anyone, in which our whole big family could comfortably be accommodated.
Time passed in 2009 our daughter Annushka was born. I continued my service. Children are growing up, and our housing is getting a little small for us. I appealed to the commanders to improve the conditions, but the bureaucratic system could not be overcome.
In 2012, our son Mykola appears in our family. At that time, no one mentioned the army! This applies to everything, combat training, equipment, financing and much more.
In 2013, my contract expires and I decide to resign. I have a family, and I need to feed them, it was impossible to support my family for the pennies I earned as a soldier. In addition, my mother fell ill and was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was necessary to earn money, which I could not earn in the army then!
In 2016, my wife Lyudmila, having a medical education, joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and almost immediately went to the combat zone in the east of our country. I stayed at home with three children. After a while I was in the army again and began to defend my homeland directly in the war zone. During the time that my wife was at war, she saw with her own eyes what sorrow it brings! For my part, I did my best to she mother of the best children in the world no longer looked the war in the eye! Therefore, I continue to serve in one of the combat units of the Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During my service I was in many hot spots in Luhansk region and in Avdiivka in Donetsk region and in Mariupol direction.
The war continues and continues to gather the lives of the Best, but this is my way, my beloved Ukraine and I have nowhere to run from here, so I stay here and will continue to defend my native Ukraine! We are here so that people in a peaceful land would never know what War is, so that they can continue to smile and enjoy life, so that they wake up peacefully in their homes and warm beds, so that they do not hear explosions from artillery and mortar fire. Do not judge us, but remember why WE ARE HERE and you are there! I want to appeal to caring people with the following.
We are a friendly family, we live in a military town in a two-room apartment, so the housing belongs to the state, there is a catastrophic lack of space. The eldest son is graduating from university. He also has no home of his own.
Our whole family hopes that there will be people who will not stay away from our problem and will help as much as they can. I have spent most of my life in the army and the highest reward for me will be getting my own comfortable housing for my large family. My family and me will be sincerely grateful to you for any help in making our dream come true! Many thanks to all who help and all who do not interfere!
May God protect all of you and our native mother Ukraine!

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