Good afternoon or evening to all!
I, Kupchyshyna Lyudmyla Sviatoslavivna, have three best children. I work as a cashier in a small shop, "Equator" is a heating system, I have a minimum wage, I'm 42 years old. The eldest son, Svyatoslav, is a fourth-year KPI student. He plans to become a nuclear power plant engineer. He is 20 years old. Daughter Daria is a student in the eleventh grade. She is 16 years old. We also have a little lady Polinka, she is only 4 years old. Three years ago, my husband Igor died in the war at the age of 47. Our way of life is not easy, to be honest, it is difficult to remember everything, but I will try to describe it briefly! At first we had a full and happy family. We lived, we can say, not bad. We had a good and warm relationship. This continued until we had problems. At first my daughter Dasha fell ill, she had vision problems. I spent a lot of time with her. These were constant trips, hospitals, doctors ... We were forced to go twice a year for treatment. During this time, our family had various troubles, added stress, and the relationship was strained. The situation with the war in eastern Ukraine has caused great trouble for our family. Earnings fell, I had to limit myself in many ways, work harder. Then Igor decided to go to work for the family, he had no choice. The defense of Ukraine was also very important to him. He often talked about it. However, he was not destined to be there for long ... During his service he fell ill. He could not be saved, and in April 2018 he died in hospital. Igor died defending Ukraine. I believe that ordinary people are not to blame for what is happening in the country and should not die at the front. It was a serious injury for the children and me. The children grew up very quickly, although they were very young. It was especially difficult for my son. He remained the only man in the family. He has to work hard to provide for us by combining it with learning. It hurts a lot to watch this, he is constantly at work and tired a lot, instead of paying more attention to learning. It is very difficult to convey in words ... In addition, he purposefully wanted to go to the military department in addition. He is currently a platoon captain. He studies well, understands that it is necessary for him. He lives in a dormitory, in the room of their three boys. Conditions in the dormitory, to be honest, are terrible, there is no hot water, there are cold in the rooms. His biggest dream is to have an apartment near Kyiv, where he plans to further build his career. But, unfortunately, this is not possible now, because you need to take care of younger sisters. Dasha's treatment is still going on.
We regularly go to the doctors and undergo treatment. My daughter dreams and makes every effort to studying at university in Kyiv. At the moment we all live in our two-room apartment. Our apartment is not large, needs renovation. When Sviatoslav arrives, he is also with us. An apartment near Kyiv would be a great support and blessing for us. It would change the life of each of us. As a mother of many children in times of crisis in the country, I am not able to help my children to fully arrange their future. I believe I raised good and worthy children, who, unfortunately, passed through the tragedy at an early age, both in the family and in the country. They deserve a bright future. We live in Sarny - it is a small town, low wages and it is difficult for us to pay for living in Kiev. Thank you for your interest in our family.

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