We need your help!
The dramatic war of Russia against Ukraine lasts for many days. Many cities have been turned into ruins, marvelous Kyiv suburbs are looking like a hell by now. There are no kinder-gardens, houses, infrastructure. Thousands of lives, dreams, plans and hopes have been destroyed. But we believe in our victory and we need your help to recover and reconstruct Ukraine. The pain and regret must turn into power, faith and a new life.
That's why "International Charity Foundation "Life Against All Odds" initiates funding campaign to help people, suffered in this horrible war. We need to purchase clothes, medicines, food immediately. We need to provide urgent financial support for those, who lost their households.
The Foundation has been founded in 2015 in Kyiv. We co-operate with Ministry of the Social policy of Ukraine in the name of peace and wealth of people living in Kyiv and the suburbs. We do our best to help and kindly ask everybody to join us. Many wait for our assistance.
Your donate can be crucial
Today hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine need help!
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